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This is 2! A Family Documentary Session Outdoors


Two is a whirlwind of an age. Not just for parent raising a “2”, but for the child being a “2”. I had the honor of spending some time with this lovely family, and captured some glorious candid moments, a slice of life of what “2” is in their world. These parents are finding their way, doing an absolutely incredible job of learning their son, are so respectful of his needs, and are so down to Earth, they just roll with the punches.

2 is getting lots of hugs and kisses and giggles, sometimes for distraction, sometimes just cause.


2 is the joy and wonder of sticks and found natural treasures, and making sure you NEVER let them go.


2 is spending time with your Mommy and Daddy, your favorite thing to do. When Mommy hugs can cure all, including scraped knees.


2 is the beginning of roughhousing with Daddy. Rough and tumble fun that is your special way of saying “I love hanging out with you”.


2 is finding out who you are, your individuality, headstrongedness, your passions….but with the safety of Mommy standing by.


2 is when Mommy and Daddy kissing is HILARIOUS!


2 is the magic of Goldfish as inspiration…


2 is laughter and tears, adventure and quiet reflection, crazy energy and stillness. For the child AND the parent.




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