Doula Services


Having a baby is a whirlwind of emotions, feelings, and there are so many decisions to navigate. As a professional Doula, I provide a complete care package to make sure you can fully enjoy your whole birthing experience, from pregnancy, to birth and beyond. I strive to educate, empower, and support you and your partner through every part of your unique journey.

Below sums up what is included when we work together during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period.

Zenmamalove Peaceful Beginnings Package ($800)


  • One prenatal meeting at a convenient location to establish relationship and define birth options, create or refine a birth plan, discuss your care provider and how we will all work together. (approx. 2 hours)
  • One prenatal home visit (ideally between 35-37) weeks to review birth plan, what to do when labor starts,  labor management options & tools, etc.  (approx. 2 hours)
  • Use of any books in my lending library.
  • Access to different baby carriers to try on before purchase, including a stretchy wrap, Didymos, Bamberoo, Rebozo, Kanga & Mei Tai.
  • An aromatherapy consultation is included in the prenatal visit to discuss what essential oils we can use during labor. I can supply oils and a diffuser for your birth
  • A customized labor & delivery playlist of music. I will supply a speaker and music and/or meditation tracks for your birth.
  • Text, emails and phone calls returned within 4 hours (usually way sooner) until 37 weeks gestation.
  • On call 24/7 37 weeks from gestation to birth.
  • A customized world music lullaby CD to start your baby on his/her musical journey.
  • One postpartum visit, usually within a week of the birth to recount the birth experience, answer any questions, help you decide whether any additional support is needed in the areas of breastfeeding, emotional support, newborn care, etc.
  • A Peaceful Postpartum Prescription which includes what to do now that the baby is here, tips for self-care, helpful reminders, contact information for any specialists or referrals if needed, etc.


Zenmamalove Peaceful Extras…

  • Birth Photography– photography during the birth of the baby (you decide how graphic or what you want to include or exclude) and throughout the first hour after birth, includes all digital images to you as well as at least 10 edited shots. +$150
  • Fear Release Session– an additional prenatal visit, held at my home, where I take you through a healing guided meditation session, helping you relax, find inner strength, facing and releasing of your fears. +$75
  • Birth Trauma Release Session– a session, at my home, where we delve into what trauma you may have experienced in a previous birth, and help clear it so it doesn’t carry forth into this birth. +75
  • Babywearing Consultation– an additional postpartum visit where I work with you to see what baby carrier would be most helpful for you, teach you where you can get one, teach you how to put it on and take it off safely, tips and tweaks to make it most comfortable. +$75
  • Extra Prenatal Visit–  sometimes an extra visit is needed or recommended to finalize details. This visit can also be used for us both to go together to a Prenatal appointment with your care provider, so we’ve all met each other beforehand and are comfortable with each other. +$50
  • Private Prenatal Consult– a 1.5 hour consultation to discuss childbirth, discuss providers and options, ask questions, discuss any fears or concerns. We can work together and create your ideal personal Birth Preferences handout and discuss how to make your vision a reality. We also discuss various techniques, positions, tools, etc. to make your birth as comfortable as possible.  +$75
  • Oops I Forgot to Hire Doula!– Full support of me & my bag of tricks during your labor and delivery, without any prenatal birth preparation sessions. Includes one home postpartum visit in the first few days following the delivery (1 hour) +$500
  • Births that takes place outside of my regular service area (greater Broward County, South Palm Beach County, North Miami-Dade County)  +$50 (to cover additional mileage, parking, fees, etc.)

Please reach out and contact me to discuss your wishes, concerns, and whatever you want to learn more about at a no-obligation complimentary consultation. Payment plans are available, just ask!