Will I feel uncomfortable with you in the room?
I have attended approximately 100 births, of all types and all kinds of places. I know how and when to behave in all scenarios given I have been a doula and birth assistant for so long. I meet clients and their support person(s) before attending their birth because I feel it’s important for us to feel comfortable together before the big day. I make it a point to be as unobtrusive as possible. If you need a hand I will be happy to assist but if you have more than enough support, consider me a fly on the wall. We can discuss any further wishes during our scheduled meeting.

What happens if my labor begins in the middle of the night?
PLEASE CALL ME! DON’T TEXT! Many mothers will go into labor in the wee hours of the morning. I am on call 24/7 for you in the weeks surrounding your EDD. No matter when your baby decides the time is right, I will be there. If some unforeseen circumstance arises, I’ve got it covered.

Do you have a back up photographer?
Being on call 24/7 is difficult, so I limit the number of clients I take in order to fully serve them. I also have back-up photographers in place in case of an emergency or another laboring family. My camera equipment is also all professional grade and I carry a back up camera, lens, batteries, memory cards and chargers to every birth.

What do your services cost?
I have a variety of packages to fulfill your needs. Birth Photography with me begins with a $500 deposit to reserve your EDD and a custom payment plan for the remaining balance. After your contract is signed and deposit paid, friends and family may contact me to gift a payment on your behalf! Other packages have different deposit/payment requirements.

Will you post my photos online?
I will never announce your birth before you! I do have a passion as a birthworker to normalize birth and empower women, but first and foremost I am here for you, to capture your story, not to win a popularity contest with “likes”. These photos are your vulnerable moments and only you decide who gets to see them and when.

What about lighting?
I do my best to shoot with available lighting. My camera is specially designed to handle situations with low lighting and I utilize those features often! We discuss lighting in length during our pre-birth meeting. I will use minimal flash (bounced off the ceiling) if absolutely needed to be able to capture your story, or I will manipulate your lighting to suit the situation. Lighting is crucial in photography! If anything I do bothers you, let me know and I will find a solution.

Are you allowed to photograph cesareans?
Short answer, yes! However, this depends on your situation, Obstetrician and Anesthesiologist. If I am not allowed back for the cesarean, I am generally allowed to wait outside the room and either come in after baby has been born, or will rejoin you as soon as I am allowed and pick up seamlessly from there.

Do you travel?
Currently I do my best to stay within a 1 hour radius. Each birth is case specific for a travel time of over 1 hour.

How and when do I receive my images?
Each client will receive a “sneak peek” 3- 5 images within 24 hours after Baby’s arrival. You may use these images to beautifully announce the birth of your baby! The remainder of your gallery will be added within 4-6 weeks. Your password protected online gallery allows you to download your photos, purchase prints and canvases from a professional printer, mailed to you directly, and share your gallery with family and friends.