Quarentime: Easter Edition/ 30 days in

Well, we made it to 30 days of this crazy new existence. Our family has been stuck together like glue for 30 DAYS STRAIGHT NOW. We are all still alive. We are grateful but frazzled. All of our lives (just like everyone else's) have majorly changed. I'm in pure survival mode at this point. I am Distance Doula-ing 2 first mamas as they navigate birth in the time of a pandemic, and become first time Moms. I am attempting [...]

Birth Photography is Taking Up More Space Globally

#IAPBP2020COMPETITION @birthphotogs I am still reeling from all the latest buzz the International Association for Professional Birth Photographers has created already this year with the release of the winners of the 2020 Birth Photography Image Competition. And yes, I am still doing a happy dance for having attained the honor of receiving the award for "Members Choice for Fresh 48"  with my image. This morning my dear friend and colleague Paulina Splechta (who was also incidentally awarded [...]

2020 IAPBP Birth Photography Image Competition: We have a winner!

#IAPBP2020Competition @birthphotogs Yesterday the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers released the winners of the 2020 Birth Image Competition, which is one of the WORLD'S BIGGEST birth photography contests.  This organization was created 10 years ago by Lyndsay Stradtner of Life in Motion Photography, and is now headed by the wonderful Liz Cook, who must have 17 arms and 3 brains.  This organization was "born" right around the time my son was born, and back then birth photography in [...]

My Body Did Not Fail Me: A Fourth Trimester Session

As a doula and birth/intimate motherhood photographer, a few times a year it happens that I work with a client whom I connect with immediately and deeply. Our paths are meant to cross, it becomes obvious right away, and our journey of growth and healing together begins. 9 years ago today I became a mother for the first (and only) time. 9 years ago I labored naturally, beautifully, dilating with textbook consistency, staying focused and reaching within me to find [...]

This is 2! A Family Documentary Session Outdoors

  Two is a whirlwind of an age. Not just for parent raising a "2", but for the child being a "2". I had the honor of spending some time with this lovely family, and captured some glorious candid moments, a slice of life of what "2" is in their world. These parents are finding their way, doing an absolutely incredible job of learning their son, are so respectful of his needs, and are so down to Earth, they just [...]