Greetings! I’m Martha.

Have you ever wondered what a doula actually is? Or what a doula does?

Are you pregnant and wanting to have YOUR perfect birth, one that leaves you feeling empowered, supported, educated, and AT PEACE with YOUR specific, unique situation?

Do you want to enjoy every moment of your pregnancy and birth experience and not have to worry about the details when it comes time for “labor day”?

Do you want your partner to be able to focus on you and also be supported, confident in the experience because he or she has someone to tag team with, to ask questions of, and get knowledgeable, evidence-based information on the spot?


Are you a parent struggling with raising your child(ren) in a way that doesn’t quite fit you and your family? Are you tired of yelling and losing your cool? Do you KNOW deep inside that hitting or spanking are not the answer and don’t feel right for you?

Do you want to deepen your connection with your child and have the kind of relationship where they feel safe to come to you and tell you everything, even the “scary, uh-oh, I’m gonna be in trouble for this” stuff?

Or maybe…

Are you struggling with knowing you were destined for something other than you are experiencing RIGHT NOW? Do you feel like you get glimpses of the reality you want to live in, but it somehow keeps slipping away from your grasp?

Then I have big plans for you. My mission is to remind you of the amazing, incredible, empowered person that you are. To remind you have the CHOICE to attain your DREAMS in all you do. To help you chip away at whatever barriers have come between the “you” who is living a small, adequate, safe life right now but yearns for more, and the “YOU” you have deep inside that has the power to create the life you want and deserve.






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Happy Clients

Govinda Bilges

There were many questions and decisions that I did not want to be faced with and make. Martha helped. She was there for the both of us through every step. She held my hand when I was sad and made me laugh when I was a little drugged…I am forever grateful and happy that she was the one at my side.

Govinda Bilges

Tiffanie Hall

When I first decided I wanted a doula as a birth companion I was looking for someone that would just simply help out and advocate for a specific kind of experience during labor & delivery… When I think back on the interactions that you and I had I realize that you provided something I didn’t even know I needed or we needed.

Tiffanie Hall

Dr. Carly Tokar

There is great responsibility in being a doula, and making yourself an advocate for a mom in her most vulnerable time. Trust, reliability and honesty are qualities that are not always easy to find … Martha has all of these and more! Martha provided the care, support, and words that I needed to get me through my labor and contractions peacefully and calmly, in addition to her constant contact in the weeks leading up to my son’s delivery.

Dr. Carly Tokar
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