Peace Begins at Birth


Homebirth. Hospital birth. Birth Center birth. Water birth. Unmedicated birth. Belly birth. Epidural birth. ALL BIRTH.

No matter what kind of birth, it’s an incredible, life changing event. As a doula, birth assistant and birth photographer I am blessed to be a witness to it, time and time again, and it never gets old.

Nothing shows a woman’s power more than the strength she embodies at her birth.

I believe the impact of your birth experience has far reaching ramifications. It shapes your reality, creates new belief systems…which are then disseminated to your family unit. It impacts the way you parent, how you are able to grow and develop into the “new” individual you are becoming. It impacts future generations.

I believe photography is an incredible tool, to show you your strength, to allow you to step back and see it from another perspective. To allow you to process the ins and outs of this chapter in your life. Because as challenging as this chapter is, it is brief and fleeting, and the feelings will morph and change. It deserves to be remembered. One day, you will be on the other side of it, and the memories will change, and fade, as you change, and grow, and evolve.

Let me hold your hand and gently guide you through this amazing, transformative event. Let me ease your fears, squeeze your hips, wipe your brow, give you information to empower you, hold space for you…..and reflect your story back to you so you can see what an AMAZING thing you did.

Meet Martha
South Florida Birth Photographer + Doula

Martha Lerner, birth photographer and doula serving Boca Raton, FL

I AM A BIRTH WORKER, not simply a photographer. I am a certified Doula and Birth Assistant.

I am used to the on-call life and everything it entails.

I am as comfortable doula-ing and photographing all-natural, home water births,
as I am planned C-Sections. Because ALL BIRTHS ARE BEAUTIFUL and should be celebrated.

I have a special spot in my heart for VBAC Moms.

I have attended over 200 births in South Florida, including Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Broward County, Delray Beach, and Parkland, with the most respected providers.
They know and trust me, and I know and trust them.

I AM ALSO a professional photographer, specializing in documentary and lifestyle work. I see the beauty in everything, and seek to capture it, unencumbered and unposed. Real life is my jam.

Because of my in-depth background in birth, I know what to do, and what not to do in someone’s sacred birth space.

I am passionate about capturing the rawness and realness of ALL birth and motherhood moments. I seek to educate and empower people in order to normalize birth and the postpartum period.

Let me help you tell your story….

Happy Clients

There is great responsibility in being a doula, and making yourself an advocate for a mom in her most vulnerable time. Trust, reliability and honesty are qualities that are not always easy to find … Martha has all of these and more! Martha provided the care, support, and words that I needed to get me through my labor and contractions peacefully and calmly.

Dr. Carly Tokar, Chiropractor

There were many questions and decisions that I did not want to be faced with and make. Martha helped. She was there for the both of us through every step. She held my hand when I was sad and made me laugh when I was a little drugged…I am forever grateful and happy that she was the one at my side.

Govinda Bilges

When I first decided I wanted a doula as a birth companion I was looking for someone that would just simply help out and advocate for a specific kind of experience during labor & delivery… When I think back on the interactions that you and I had I realize that you provided something I didn’t even know I needed or we needed.

Tiffanie Hall

Martha’s Peaceful Parenting classes are very informative and helpful. I recently attended a birth where she was the doula, she has amazing energy and was exactly what the client needed during her labor. As a midwife, I will be recommending Martha to future clients of mine, I feel she is an asset to any laboring/birthing woman and her partner!

Christa West,

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