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The Stages and Phases of Labor, as seen in What to Expect!

I just recently had the honor of having one of the country’s most well-known birthing resources, What to Expect, contract me to use one of my images for their online article on “Stages and Phases of Labor”! I am so excited and happy and I’m pinching myself!


This year has been amazing for me artistically, it feels like all the hard work and learning/growing I have put in to my artwork is paying off. I am being recognized internationally as well as locally, and my dreams of being a photojournalist using her powers to uplift women and birthing persons all over the world are being fulfilled. I have been able to merge my 2 passions, birth and photography, and use my skills to share and educate birthing families as well as provide them beautiful documentary artwork to commemorate what they have accomplished.

Just a few months ago, one of my images was awarded the incredible honor of “Member’s Choice in Fresh 48” by the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers during their 2020 International Image Competition, and it was shared in periodicals and new stories all over the world.

Then a few weeks later, Birth Becomes Her, another organization which was always an inspiration to me in terms of birth photography, awarded one of my homebirth images a Bronze Award in their annual contest.

Members Choice IAPBP postpartum breastfeeding
Homebirth siblings dogs zenmamalove siblings dogs Coconut Creek

“What to Expect” has been a house hold name in the birthing world since before I was born, and I’m so happy they are reaching out to us birth photographers so we can work together to help educate and empower birthing families, and to show how much birth has changed in the last decade.

Their article here (which, did I mention, features my image???) does a beautiful job of explaining about the Stages and Phases of Labor, and what you can do to help get through them more comfortably.


If you’d like more information about documenting your family’s story, whether it be a Family Maternity Session, a Birth Story, or a Fresh 48/Coming Home session, please contact me and I’ll be happy to tell you about my latest offerings and promotions.

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