Thoughts from a Teacher During the Last Weeks of the School Year

#endofyearface How many days do we have left? Did I get all the seniors grades finalized, and made all necessary deals so they can pass if they deserve it? Where did I put last years final exam? If I have to grade one more paper I will scream. If one more student decides to wait till NOW to ask how he can do something about his grade, I will scream. Now? Really? There are 2 weeks left! Why [...]

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"It's Not You, It's Me"

Today I want to stretch your spiritual muscles. Stretching is good for you, although it can be difficult at first, and will leave you (possibly) sore for a bit. But think big picture here! Think a little discomfort now for big personal growth later. Are you with me? Let’s start by playing pretend. You know, like you used to when you were a little kid and you played superheroes using sticks as swords, or played dress-up or something. Good. Now [...]

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Shift Happens

I woke up today, startled by the alarm clock. I was shocked out of a dream I was having. Again. Twice in 2 days. Actually I should say it was a nightmare. I can't remember the exact details, but I do remember it had to do with my Mom (who passed away 20 years ago) and my Dad (who is still alive but not doing well). This is noteworthy because in 20 years, I can honestly say I have had [...]

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