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Thoughts from a Teacher During the Last Weeks of the School Year


How many days do we have left?

Did I get all the seniors grades finalized, and made all necessary deals so they can pass if they deserve it?

Where did I put last years final exam?

If I have to grade one more paper I will scream.

If one more student decides to wait till NOW to ask how he can do something about his grade, I will scream. Now? Really? There are 2 weeks left! Why are you just worrying about your grade now?????

I’m so tired.

How many weeks has it been since I actually opened my personal mail?

Why is my email inbox multiplying even though I check it several times a day?

I subscribe to way too many online forums.

I wish I had more time to read the good stuff that comes through said online forums.

Man, I look like a cross between Frida Kahlo and Einstein….must schedule a haircut and some pampering.

What the heck am I going to make for dinner tonight?

What will my child ACTUALLY EAT that I can make for dinner tonight?

The dog smells. Bad.

When am I going to have time to bathe the dog?

Did I call my Dad today, um, yesterday? This week? Oops.

How the heck did I get so off track with my diet?!?! It was going so well! Damn it! And I will be wearing a bathing suit soon. Sigh.

It’s not humanly possible to end the school year by returning to my gluten-free, caffeine-free, sugar-free, alcohol-free state of being. It’s just not. So bring on the wine, lattes, and muffins. In any order you want. Just not all at the same time. There will be time to regroup in June.

How the hell do other full time teacher/moms/wives do this???

My birthday is coming. What do I do about that?

I really miss exercise. No really, I do. Just walking regularly would be nice.

I’m still so tired.

My garden is yelling at me. Must start over and try again. I miss fresh tomatoes.

I am leaving my secure job to start my own business in 3 weeks……where the heck do I start?

Why does the dog insist on eating his own poop?

Why are vet visits always so damn expensive? You think with the amount of money I have spent recently he would at least stop eating his own poop.

I’m really so tired.

My list of things I want to + need to read is out of control.

These students are out of control.

How did the future generation become so apathetic? They are like crack addicts with their cell phones.

Some day my son will be a high school senior. Shudder.

 I miss my husband. We need a date night.

I need a girl’s night.

I need a sleep night.

This feeling of being a hamster running like mad on the spinning wheel of eternity will come to and end soon. It will.




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  1. hahaha I am SO WITH YOU on the “i can regroup in june”! gained like 7 pounds this month…what the fuck. oh well. regroup later, we’re in survival mode! Sharing this on my personal page right now!

  2. So true – every bit of it. I describe it as, “Spinning tops, bumping into each other at warp speed.” Exhaustion!! Enjoy the summer.

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