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Lunar Eclipse & Cleansing Smoke






firepitTonight with this first lunar eclipse of 2017, and a full moon in Leo, it marks a great shift in our conscious evolution as a species. We are facing our collective demons, and being forced to stare them down to be rid of them for good. The ground is shifting under our feet and we have to decide whether we will let that knock us off our feet onto the ground, or keep our knees bent and springy while we try and keep our balance.

It is a time of great change all around: politically, personally, physically…everyone is feeling it. For some it feels incredibly powerful and beautiful, a coming of age. For others it appears as a giant growth period, with all the aches and pains that accompany it.


Tonight one of my soul sisters and I gathered to celebrate the moon and the shift, along with our sons. They are 4, 6 and 10 years old. The next generation of sensitive, awakened, powerful and strong men in the making. We teach them the rituals of manifestation, of fire, of drumming, of the moon. We sing, drum, dance and chant under the beautiful moon.  The fire burns our wishes and the wishes become one with the universe. We choose to manifest peace, love, kindness, health, happiness (and transformers).

These boys are young, but wise. They already know they are a part of something greater, and that they each have their own role to play in this great evolution. They sit around the fire each with their own unique energy. Yet they all share an innate, primal knowledge.

The smoke cleanses us all, rids of of our past. And with every piece of paper we burn, we are released more and more from what no longer serves us, released from the energies of our past. We become lighter, more present, and we make room for the glorious future that awaits.

Here’s to the next generation of awakened males. May they teach us of the strength can be found in compassion and love.




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