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homebirth dog

International Dog Day 2020|Dogs at birth and beyond.

Being a huge dog lover, and birth lover, the best of both worlds for me is when these worlds intersect. Like today, on International Dog Day. 

Dogs are often steadfast companions to the laboring Moms, often being the first ones to clue Moms in that she is actually in labor, and then never leaving her side during labor. They stay the course, and if allowed, will gladly great the freshly newborn babe with licks and sniffs. They often step into their new roles as “guardians of the new baby” as soon as the baby enters the world. And they take their roles VERY SERIOUSLY.

homebirth dog

A testament to HOW important dogs are to our modern families is the above image, taken moments after the family’s newest baby was born. It won the honor of being a Bronze Finalist in the 2020 Birth Becomes Her Image Review.  It was chosen among so, so many incredible images in general, and my heart is so happy that the family dog takes center stage along with the newborn.

Here are a few more heart warming images showing our furry friends do best during birth and during the immediate post partum period.

dogs newborns postpartum
dogs with newborn babies

Doggies were so happy and getting their licks in, until they got too excited and got told to go to their corners.

gentle giant dog at birth

This incredibly gentle giant Great Dane was super, super sweet and stayed in the room the entire labor, often right by Mama’s side to make sure she was okay.

dogs at home with newborn nursery

This family and I became fast friends. They moved over here right after the hurricane devastated their home in Puerto Rico and started fresh here in South Florida, towards the tail end of her pregnancy (see what I did there?). The mama is now a good friend and has found her new passion, making handmade coordinated accessories for mom, baby and pets!!!! Check out her Etsy store here!   

dogs licking newborn baby
dogs with dads
dogs checks out doula
dog family newborn session
dog at postpartum visit

If you are interested in capturing your fur babies along with your human babies, please connect with me and lets’ talk about what magic we can create for you.

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