Martha was an incredible help over the phone prior to the birth. I was able to share any concerns about the way I was feeling and what I was being told by my physician’s office. Unfortunately, my pregnancy had a few hiccups in the ninth month and I had to be monitored closely at the hospital. My physician was usually not on call. Every time I had a concern I had to speak to a different on call doctor. Having Martha available by the phone at any time made me feel I was not alone. I was always able to seek her out for advice and for emotional support.
My main reason for hiring a Doula was to have someone there that would help me stay calm during the whole experience. I always knew that I wanted to have pain medication during my labor. However, I was afraid that my anxiety would cause me to have a harder and longer labor. I wanted to have someone there with lots of experience that would stay with my husband and I the entire time. I felt that because of my fears I required a lot of support. Her presence there provided a great reassurance that I had a team of people that cared for me and had my best interests in mind. When we first arrived at the hospital both my husband and I were extremely nervous and scared. He was so nervous and was unsure what to do to help. She was able to provide comfort during the painful contractions while we waited for the pain medication. Since my labor took place in the middle of the night my husband and I had no sleep. Knowing she was there in the room gave us both the opportunity to rest. Martha also provided music and created an ambiance in the room which was very peaceful. Once the actual hard labor started my personal “team” took action and we all worked together. She worked seamlessly in unison with my nurse and doctor which gave my husband the opportunity to stay close to me near my face which is what I envisioned. I know my doctor and nurse also appreciated having her there to assist them. This allowed me to remain calm and have the peaceful birth that I was hoping for.
After birth it was helpful to know that she was still available to me to answer any questions that I had regarding the after effects of the labor or the care of my baby.
The pictures that she took were a very nice touch. She captured some beautiful moments of my husband with my baby! The music CD that she gave me for Skylar was also so thoughtful and Skylar appreciates it.
I am forever grateful for the experience I had with Martha as my Doula! I was so unbelievably scared to give birth. I knew that I needed someone there just for me that had experience and that I could turn to and express my fears. At first my husband did not agree with my decision to have a Doula and felt that he could handle everything on his own. He now is so grateful that we made the decision to have Martha there and recommends having a Doula to everyone.