I really don’t even know how to express my admiration of and appreciation for Martha! We first met for coffee on a professional basis and I just knew she had really found her calling. I was hoping to find someone great to refer my expectant chiropractic patients to in the case that they needed someone to support them through their labor and delivery. After thinking I would have my second birth without a doula, I ended up referring myself because I felt a connection with her! There is great responsibility in being a doula, and making yourself an advocate for a mom in her most vulnerable time. Trust, reliability and honesty are qualities that are not always easy to find in someone in the doula industry, regardless of what they may tell you or how they may portray themselves. Martha has all of these and more! I am so grateful I made the decision to have Martha at my second birth, which was my first home birth. She provided the care, support, and words that I needed to get me through my labor and contractions peacefully and calmly, in addition to her constant contact in the weeks leading up to my son’s delivery. Due in great part to Martha’s presence, I can say without a doubt I had the beautiful home birth I have always desired! I know she will continue to be a part of my life and will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus, our boys get along so well that we will surely have to continue their play dates! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being exactly who you are and who I needed you to be for me! Xoxox