I was 38 weeks pregnant, all set for a home birth, house ready with the birthing tub and all, when I learned my platelets were too low and I now had to deliver at a hospital. My dreams were crushed.  I was very upset, and couldn’t move past that feeling.  And there comes Martha… she told me to relax, breathe and calm down….Whoever knows me, that is definitely not my strongest point. So she decided to do an energy healing on me….We met at a park.. Sitting under a tree and listened to very quiet meditation music. Beside that we heard the birds singing and the wind around our heads….

Martha started talking and now I am really sorry that I cannot tell you more. I can only describe the feelings that I had.

I relaxed. I calmed down and I was only listening to her voice and suddenly I felt that everything would be alright. I found peace inside me. My pulse slowed down and my baby girl in my belly was moving like she would say “Finally mom, finally you got it and you can relax….”

When Martha said you can open your eyes now, I still sat quietly there and enjoyed the moment. It was too nice and beautiful to want it to end.

And yes everything was to be alright… 1.5 weeks later I had a totally relaxed birth to a healthy baby girl and the low platelets weren’t even a problem.