Peaceful Parenting

My journey to peaceful parenting stems from my own experience as a mother, from being parented with a combination of both traditional and peaceful styles, as well as my experience of 15+ years as a public-school teacher.

When my son was born, I realized quickly he was both highly sensitive and highly spirited.  As he grew and developed, it quickly became obvious that “traditional” or “old school” methods of raising children, such as punitive punishment, shaming, yelling, & demanding were not working.  They were doing more harm than good to him as well as to our relationship, and simply didn’t sit right in my gut.  I vividly remember right around when my son turned 1 year old, being forced to develop my own parenting style because I knew the way I was raised would not work for us.  Reading “all the books” helped, but it wasn’t until I became actively involved in learning about Peaceful Parenting, Conscious Discipline, and other mindful parenting styles that I finally realized there was a better way, that I wasn’t crazy or alone in this journey of raising children consciously and with respect while keeping guidelines, boundaries and limitations. I learned that there were many others out there that felt the same way as I did, that knew firsthand that parenting with love, connection and respect was more effective, and that it served the family and society better in the long run. Plus, it just felt more right.

In my last career as a middle and school/high school teacher, I saw firsthand the importance of learning to communicate and parent through connection and respect. We live in a different world now, way different then when we were growing up, or our parents or grandparents were growing up.  We live in a digital age where communication breakdown is very common despite the technological advances that would make it otherwise.  As parents, we need to step up our game and teach and connect with our children from the very beginning (meaning babyhood/toddlerhood/preschool age).  Too often I sat in on parent conferences as a high school teacher with parents who said to me “I can’t make him/her do what I say anymore. He/she is bigger and stronger than me and I have lost control. They are slipping away from me making terrible choices and I don’t know what to do about it anymore”.  I strive to work with parents starting at the pre-school level, teaching them there is a different way of parenting. This parenting generation needs less controlling, “do asI say, not as I do”, punitive, fear-based parenting, and more connection-based, “get to the root of the need instead of just addressing the current behavior” style parenting. Just as computer operating systems need constant updates and improvements, so do our parent operating systems, or we too will be antiquated and outdated.

So I read some more, took more workshops, spoke to coaches, turned to all the background I had personally in psychology, spirituality, and mind retraining, mixed them all together and what emerged was Heart to Heart Parenting.

This parenting path does require a lot of patience, support, sense of humor, and self-reflection.  It’s a long-term investment.  Many parents are surprised when they take one of my courses and realize the techniques I use are just as suitable for improving communication with their partners, coworkers, friends, and lead to loads of self-discovery and personal growth.  We can’t be successful adults and citizens and parents if we haven’t worked out our own “dramas” and found some sense of inner peace.

Does any of this resonate with you? Then contact me for a free consultation to help get you on the right track; parenting from a place of love, respect, and laying the foundation for a lifetime of meaningful communication.

As a parenting coach and mentor my goal is to help you learn how to parent from a place of personal power, love, peace and respect. No yelling or hitting necessary. I can give you the tools you need to start TODAY to pave the way for a more harmonious interaction with your family.

I am available for individual coaching sessions where we can tailor a package to fit you and your family’s needs. I also give workshops and classes in Coral Springs / Margate / Coconut Creek and surrounding area.