What is Babywearing?

When I had my son over 6 years ago, there were little (if any) local resources on babywearing. I have spent years researching, educating myself, and participating in workshops and national conferences in the Babywearing field and can offer information and assistance after the birth on various types of baby carriers and how to safely choose them and use them.

Wearing your baby is not just for earthy-crunchy moms. It has so many scientifically proven benefits to both caregivers and babies such as:

  • The gentle movement of babywearing and closeness to Mommy reminds baby of being in the womb, so it’s a good transition for the 4th trimester.
  • It promotes physical development- regulates baby’s breathing and heartbeat, later on helps develop muscles used for sitting, neck control, etc.
  • It helps us read our baby’s cues more effectively, as we are fine tuned to their gestures and facial expressions.
  • Babywearing also provides Dads, grandparents, and other caregivers a way to share the nurturing and enhances family bonding.
  • Babywearing is known to decrease crying, fussiness & colic, which leads to increased learning, specifically with language acquisition and vocabulary development.

There are so many options! So many carriers!
Where do I start?

I offer private, in-home consultations in the Broward County area. I can travel as far South as North Miami-Dade County and as far North as the Boynton Beach area for an additional fee, which varies depending on mileage.

Babywearing Consultation +$100
Includes educating the family on why it is beneficial to both caregivers and babies/toddlers/preschoolers.  I bring ALL my carriers with me, and work with you to see what baby carrier would be most helpful for you, teach you where you can get one, teach you how to put it on and take it off safely, tips and tweaks to make it most comfortable. Consultation lasts between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the cooperation of baby.

I teach a Babwearing 101 Workshop a few times a year at a local venue in either Broward or South Palm Beach county, as the demand calls for it.

Upcoming Babywearing Workshops