Martha and I were introduced through a mutual friend while I was looking for a postpartum doula. I was pregnant with di/di twin boys, and as my pregnancy progressed I decided to try for a VBAC and was looking for a birth doula. Martha and I started working together in my third trimester, and through all of the bumps and turns of my pregnancy she was flexible, open to my unique situation, and supportive of my goals. I really appreciated her coming to meet with me and my midwife, and how accessible she was 24/7. Even when I decided to change care providers at 37/3 in order to find a group who would support my VBAC attempt, she never faltered and stood behind me and my belief that my body was capable. Knowing that she was just a text or call away made me feel very secure, and I appreciated her gentle reminders to focus on breathing, eating, sleeping, and relaxing through the end of my pregnancy. As I got closer to my “final date” and I was stressed about not going into labor, her confidence helped me remind myself that my body and my babies knew what they were doing and that things were going to work out the way that they were supposed to.

In preparation of the birth we did a Fear Release session, and I went back to that place a lot as my pregnancy progressed.I truly did let go of my fears of not being included in decisions or a rupture after our time together. When either thought came up, I let them move by and focused on the fact that I was in control of my body and that I trusted what it was capable of.

I had a challenging labor – almost 27 hours from when things really got started, and Martha was present the entire ride. She was my coach and my anchor along with my husband, and created an environment for me when laboring at home and in the hospital that helped me to feel at ease and focus on my body’s ability to birth. The essential oils, music, counter pressure, holding my hand, verbal reinforcements, reminders of my breathing, and just being present and 100% there for me were all very helpful. Having her there, an experienced birth coach, helped me feel confident in my choices and confident in asking for time to discuss them. As the day progressed and we hit some challenges, she provided honest feedback and helped support me and my husband through a series of decisions (some of which differed from our original birth plan), ultimately leading us to a successful VBAC of twins – the first at Boca Raton Regional Hospital – surrounded by an amazing care team and a loving partner.

She has so many tools to help get through tricky labor – I had constant back labor and she was an endless supply of information and options for things we could try to move baby. I really appreciated the photos that she took, and the essential oil spray that she gave me. It reminds me of my birth and what I achieved. I also really liked being able to talk through my birth with her afterwards – and have found that to be a very important tool for me in the healing and recovery process.

Martha truly has a gift.  She was my rock. Even with the changes we made as the day progressed, she was balanced and honest about her experiences, and it helped me and Chris feel like weren’t making blind decisions. I would recommend Martha to anyone looking for an amazing birth doula to be there for them, their family, and their babies.  She made all the difference for my birth, and I believe that my successful VBAC was in no small part due to her unbelievable support.