Our experience with Martha as our doula was wonderful. Our phone calls together early on were very helpful because, as a first time parents, we could use tons of reassurance!  To know we were heading in the right direction was priceless. Martha’s experience and “know how” were essential to put me at ease when I had questions no matter what time or day of the week.

During the time leading up to the birth it was very important for me to understand how the process would unfold. I was curious to know how things would flow once we were ready to welcome baby to the world. Online research is very generic but once I checked in with Martha I learned how the local hospital staff tends to react in certain situations. To know how the process occurs once you arrive at the chosen facility really helps you somewhat prepare for what is to come.

She was very helpful in putting together my birth plan because I had no idea where to begin with creating my own!

We did a Fear Release session early on, and if guided meditation is something you like or are interested this is definitely something worth trying! This session helped me stay more positive about being pregnant and embracing the moment.

During my labor process, her ability to remain calm despite the chaos around was incredible! Also, her natural intuition knew exactly when to check in and ask questions. She has such beautiful, calming energy and that was key to help me relax through such a difficult time. The calming music she provided was most helpful.

We really appreciated the post-partum follow up and her flexibility in accommodating our schedules.