I have a secret to tell you: everything around us is created by us. We have the power within ourselves to change what is no longer working for us and turn our lives into what we have always dreamed they could be. Einstein said it then, and finally, now, people are ready to listen to what that really means…..the impact it can have on the world…. I’m not saying it’s easy…..I’m saying it’s completely doable. And that’s huge in and of itself. We are at a point where science and spirituality have merged, the duality is becoming one…..and it’s time to claim responsibility for your own happiness, t o take inspired action, and make some changes that will best serve YOU and the world around you. You have everything you need already inside you. It’s just been tucked away, deep inside at the very bottom of the innermost pocket inside your heart….it’s been neglected and forgotten. I’m here to help you find it. Not only to find it, to dust it off, to polish it, to nurture it and help it grow a thousand times bigger, to help you share it with the world….. So what are you waiting for? You’ve waited long enough…. You’ve got nothing to lose…you’ve been doing it your way long enough, are you ready to break through and experience YOU? Contact me to set up a free, no-obligation consultation where we can talk about working together to get you on the path to more happiness, more peace and freedom……


Mindset MATTERS. That’s the bottom line. The way we think about things, the thoughts we have literally create the life we live. Our reality is in great part due to our perceptions and our thoughts.

So, it stands to reason, if you change the way your mind thinks, you can change your life.

I am living proof. I have experienced this first hand. And no, my life is not perfect in any way. But it’s vastly different from the day-to-day rat race I used to exist in. It is a more peaceful, congruent life that resonates much better with my vision of my highest self.

I am a Mindset Mentor,  a Spiritual Life Coach, and an Intuitive Healer. I’m here to help people find their own personal power, to embrace that there is a whole world under the surface that has everything to do with using your intuition and intentions to create your best, most authentic self.

I offer 1 on 1 coaching in person, or via Skype or Google Hangouts. I can also do group mindset motivational speaking for businesses and other public events. I also teach a series called “Energy Mastery” that will be available as an online course soon!

Fear Release Session

$ 200
  • A healing session, held at my home (or virtually), where we explore what fears you hold around birth. I take you through a healing guided meditation session, helping you relax, find inner strength, facing and releasing of your fears. You are provided with an MP3 recording of the session. The session is approximately 90 minutes total.

Trauma Release Session

$ 200
  • A healing session, at my home (or virtually), where we explore a trauma you may have experienced in the past, and through intuitive healing and guided meditation, help clear it so it doesn’t carry forth into your present day, and hinder you from creating the future you strive for. You are provided with an MP3 recording of the session.The session is approximately 90 minutes total.

Quantum Tune-Up Session

$ 200
  • A session (in person or virtually) where we discuss what current beliefs you hold that could be hindering you from moving forward to the next level, and help you clear some blockages to move forward. An MP3 recording of the session an be provided at your request. The session is approximately 90 minutes total.

I have a limited number of slots that will be available as well for my individual, in person “Energy Mastery” series in a few months….so please reach out to me if that sounds like something you may be interested in!